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 Advanced computer science

From zero to pro.

Computer Programming

Learn in an interactive manner

 You are not being taught by a robot. Real instructors  will give feedback on your projects and help you expand your skill base. You can skip parts you already know if you can complete the projects.

Build a portfolio

 The multiple projects completed will start a portfolio you can use to demonstrate your competence.  In the dev world, experience rules and there is no better way to show it than with a portfolio.

Start your business

 Create and sell your game or app immediately after our course. From coding to publishing, we cover all the aspects of the process and accompany you even after the program ends.

Get Your Diploma

 Boost your carrier. Employers want qualified people who love to learn and are willing to evolve. With our diploma, you show your competence, determination and value.

Course organisation:


  1. Python Basics

  2. Algorithmic

  3. Advanced Algorithmic

  4. Data manipulation

  5. GUI / User Interface

  6. Software creation

  7. Publishing & Advertisement

  8. Final project of your choice


Get those skills. Now.

With a verifiable diploma and high-quality interactive education, our course is an easy way to boost your carrier and stand out. For 25$ you can create a whole new skill base or improve your python skills.  The course adapts to your level and you can enter with advanced experience or none at all.

1-Python Basics

Learn the fundamentals of python: basic syntax, simple algorithmes and basic programs.


Interactive Exercises


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